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My friend Sarah and I had been too shy to date anyone during our time studying abroad in Paris, but we felt bold so we wrote out notes in terrible French (“I never do this, but here is my phone number”) and dared each other to give them to the first cute guys we saw.I dropped mine in the lap of a tall blond guy and ran away. He was Swiss-German, on vacation, and didn’t speak English; I had been in France studying abroad for less than two months. I Never Got The Joke: A few years later, I was teaching English in Paris.a chopstick (implied: this is because my body shape is “dumpling”). The Government Regulated My Love Life: In Beijing, I had a Chinese language teacher who set me up with a new suitor each time we met.The more he talked about the models he dated and he drank more alcohol, he began to look more and more like a scary shark to me. He offered to drop me home in a taxi and when I got to my street, I quickly jumped out. I Accidentally Roofied Myself: In Beijing, I dated a beautiful Brazilian guy. The next day, after I had figured out what had happened, I asked the Brazilian if I sounded insane when I was describing my hallucinations, and he didn’t know what I was talking about. There was an American, a German, and finally, her boyfriend’s best friend – a gorgeous Chinese guy who was in the military.Dating is an exciting / nerve wracking experience all in itself, and even more so when not in your home country. It can give you lots of funny stories to tell and a better idea about different cultures.I went on a date with a man in Florence, Italy and it was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on!

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