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The bot has every possible target recorded as Target 1, Target 2, Target 3 Etc, and will list what every target is if there are more than one [Just as if a trivia bot would list different categories]. This will be the hard part I suppose, as it would have to know what options you have and be able to record what adjustments there are to those options.A bot also has to record creature stats and your stats.I’ve still got all of the project files, but not much in the way of time to continue working on it.

For instance DM Bot: You come to a crossroads, you can take the right [Command: Right] path where the fog builds or you can go left [Command: Left] where you hear roars in the distance.It’s certainly doable, and I don’t want to dissuade you from the notion, but ti’s going to be a lot of work; even if you had something like my Rifts® web app to work from.If you know of someone who would be willing to continue with the project, let me know, and I’ll get in touch with them to set things up. Many, many years ago, I used to play Rifts® with a group of my friends, but sadly, we each went our separate ways.Because the DM bot needs to know when the battle is over and continue to the next event [Question].

For that, I am thinking the second bot needs to have a database of all of the enemies you encounter, as well as the player stats.

NOT the interface) is a huge job, unless you want the bot to be nothing more than a random damage generator.

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