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It also happens to be the first title from her film company, Vikarious Productions, which she started, well, in order to do exactly what she wants., out in September, about a lighthouse keeper and his wife, who, grieving from two recent miscarriages, discover a baby who washes ashore in a rowboat and make the disastrous decision to raise her as their own. As Redmayne puts in, “There’s this other thing that has nothing to do with her technical brilliance.Directed by Derek Cianfrance (), it’s the kind of wrenching adult melodrama that Hollywood rarely makes these days, because it’s hard to pull off successfully—although they got this one right. All of it is so absurdly charmed, and Vikander is still wrapping her head around it. to watch the Oscars, and it was like a window onto another universe. A kind of deep emotion and capacity to feel that is volcanic.”These two forces—rigorous determination and devil-may-care abandon—seem to be roiling about inside her.After reading for Langseth numerous times, Vikander landed the part—one that called for remarkable darkness and savage rage.

When she start speaking, “it was completely nonsensical,” says Arcel. She was full-on emotional.” Vikander studied Danish over the next eight weeks to learn enough to do the role.“Hollywood was like a rumor,” she says, musing on how far she’s come. And then to have her there next to me [at the Oscars] this year. Which adds up to someone who’s more down to earth than she appears.True, she possesses a physical poise in pictures and on-screen that can be distancing or make her seem prissy or haughty.But true to her perfectionist nature, she was convinced that she was failing. “By Week Six, the nerves were taking over, and [I thought], I’m not going to get it.” By shoot time, she’d nailed it.

The movie received an Oscar nomination for best foreign-language film., Vikander embraced the life of a struggling artist, in all its scrappy, bohemian glory.

But by nine, she was studying dance at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and was, almost without realizing it, on the path to becoming a serious dancer. “Being in ballet school and being in leotards in front of a mirror I don’t know how many hours a day was quite tough.” The stress landed her in therapy, which she hid from her parents.

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