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He was born in Cotulla, Texas on September 5, 1931 to Pedro and Eufemia Rodriguez, Sr.He was a beloved husband, father, and grandfather who will be deeply missed. He devoted himself to not only his family but his career with ARA Food Service Company from 1950-1998.Her post, Why I’m Not a Vegan, spoke volumes to me about this issue. “Paul: Rodriguez went to be with the Lord on Saturday, October 14th.This means you can eat kale and bell peppers until you are green in the face, but if you’re not consuming enough healthy saturated fat, it’s like you didn’t even need to bother. Sure, you get them from coconut, avocado, almonds, and olive oil, but these sources are not always in season, not always convenient to purchase in your area, and are not always present in your diet in a high enough quantity on a given day to meet your body’s requirements to function properly.

The study Price documented is very telling about how a vegetarian or vegan diet is unsuited for humans. Price traveled the world in the 1920′s and 1930′s visiting 14 isolated cultures in the process.Just because you don’t eat red meat or cow’s milk doesn’t mean you are automatically healthier. ., a vegan diet makes a fantastic detox diet in the short term.(By the way, the vast majority of all those ‘scientific’ studies that say red meat causes cancer were done using CAFO beef. Scads of people have switched from a junk food diet of processed and fast food, replaced it with a vegan diet full of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes and have seen their health improve drastically. And the vast majority of people in the Western world would do well to abide by that sort of a diet for a few weeks or months.If you are looking for quality sources of sustainably raised beef & dairy, check your local farmer’s market (find one near you on the Local Harvest website) or have it shipped to your door from Beyond Organic.

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