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You could skip this step and staple all of the pages together, if your stapler can handle that many pages.Take some Washi Tape and cover the front and back of your book binding and you’re DONE!! In her novel, “What to Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating,” Laura J.Wellington takes readers back to the basics of romance by dishing out indispensable dating advice that you will wish you knew a decade ago.

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The message overall is a good one that encourages “Janes” to focus on themselves, and when it comes to the “Dicks,” to just watch, listen and wait.

Our DIY Sexy Love Book is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for your hubby!

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  • A new book answers why it's so hard for educated women to find. profil de paulette60


    Aug 26, 2015. For many women these days, it's not “He's just not that into you” that's the problem. It's that “There aren't enough of him.” So says Jon Birger, the author of a new book called “Date-onomics How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game.” The book, which Birger describes as “the least romantic book ever.…
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    Jul 6, 2015. Aziz Ansari feels your pain. He knows how unpleasant it is to stare impotently at a screen waiting for a message that never arrives, how undignified it is to apply a French deconstructionist's fervor to the analysis of an illiterate string of unpunctuated words. Once, he writes in his new book, “Modern Romance.…