Carbon dating nuclear physics

a year later was an indication that the atom had internal structure.At the beginning of the 20th century the accepted model of the atom was J. Thomson's "plum pudding" model in which the atom was a positively charged ball with smaller negatively charged electrons embedded inside it.Rutherford was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908 for his "investigations into the disintegration of the elements and the chemistry of radioactive substances".In 1905 Albert Einstein formulated the idea of mass–energy equivalence.There are numerous applications of this technique - from dating human cells and cancerous tumours to figuring out when illegal drugs were harvested.The same phenomenon really precludes using traditional radio-carbon dating over the last 50 years, however, prior to this it appear that the behaviour of atmospheric $^$C was more constant - to a few percent (see below, from Giem 1997, adapted from Stuyver & Becker 1993).