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Then you’d be able to actually have a good idea whether 2 people are talking to each other or not.“Oh, it looks like when Alice is online, Bob goes online within a minute or two most of the time! The script is simple enough just to show what’s possible, but it could get a lot creepier.Important: If you’re going to try out the script, be a bit careful.Whats App might throttle you’re connection to them or even ban your account if you really annoy them so it’s not a bad idea to use it on an account that isn’t your main one.The guy who wrote the article made a script to go through loads of mobile numbers and get all this info back — but let’s make it a little bit more creepy.Firstly it’s important to remember that 99% of the time a person uses Whats App for chatting to someone (nobody uses the new “status” feature, right? It’s not like some other apps like Facebook for example, because on Facebook plenty of people might be online but all they are doing is scrolling through their timeline which is never-ending.But if you monitor it over a long enough period of time you could get a good idea of whether 2 people are talking to each other or not.So, I wrote a little script to: It mightn’t look too scary at first because by coincidence you’ll get a few hits, but imagine you let this run over the course of a few months.

“The Secure-Chat messages can be read in clear-text in Telegram’s memory,” Avraham said.So if 2 people are online on Facebook, it doesn’t really make you think that they are chatting to each other.Now, if 2 people are online on Whats App at roughly the same time it still doesn’t necessarily mean that they are chatting obviously.The popular messaging app Telegram touts end-to-end encryption as one of its primary features, but may not be as secure as its 50 million users might think.

A security researcher says attackers can easily retrieve encrypted Telegram messages from devices used to send or receive them, even when the chats have been supposedly deleted permanently.

Even after a user deletes a message using Telegram’s self-destruct feature, the message can be retrieved in its entirety from the device, said Avraham.