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The popular messaging app Telegram touts end-to-end encryption as one of its primary features, but may not be as secure as its 50 million users might think.A security researcher says attackers can easily retrieve encrypted Telegram messages from devices used to send or receive them, even when the chats have been supposedly deleted permanently.So if 2 people are online on Facebook, it doesn’t really make you think that they are chatting to each other.Now, if 2 people are online on Whats App at roughly the same time it still doesn’t necessarily mean that they are chatting obviously.He said he took advantage of a previously known vulnerability in an older version of Android to break into a mobile device running Telegram.The vulnerability allowed Avraham a way to gain root-level access to the machine, meaning he had complete administrative control of the device.While demand for secretive chat services has grown as a result of concerns over online snooping by government and law enforcement, the competing claims about Telegram highlights the risk of sharing sensitive data via online services that tout strong privacy protections.Services such as Whisper and Secret, for instance, have attracted millions of users by pitching online anonymity as a central theme.

But Avraham said Telegram’s claims are misleading: Data shared via Telegram can by retrieved in clear text at least from a majority of Android devices running the application.

The guy who wrote the article made a script to go through loads of mobile numbers and get all this info back — but let’s make it a little bit more creepy.

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