Checklist dating my daughter

Observe how he handles things when they don’t go his way. Kind: Your man should notice and call out the beauty in you.You should feel gorgeous, empowered and worthy when you are with him.Our friends hear all the justifications as to why he doesn’t need to be this or that.For example, “Oh we don’t need to share the same faith, he has a good heart.” (I used that one myself.) Or, “He doesn’t have to get along with my friends, they actually are kind of annoying.

And because we are in loooove now, our once 20/20 vision is blurred and the values we once held don’t seem so important anymore.Your guy can thank and acknowledge others when they help them and also can acknowledge when he has wronged you without pointing fingers and making a trail of excuses.That gets you nowhere but backwards, and probably in a more drawn out fight, causing more damage to the relationship.He does not envy your relationships with friends or become jealous when you receive recognition.

He also doesn’t try to talk you out of opportunities that are aligned with your life’s purpose.

Protective: You know you can always count on him to defend you or stand up for you in any situation.