Checklist dating my daughter

He does not envy your relationships with friends or become jealous when you receive recognition.He also doesn’t try to talk you out of opportunities that are aligned with your life’s purpose.I just never saw it until now.” Then one day, we wonder how in the world we ever got to this place with this person who isn’t at all what we imagined.

And because we are in loooove now, our once 20/20 vision is blurred and the values we once held don’t seem so important anymore.If you want a family one day, imagine how he would respond when the house is messy, loud and chaotic.You want to be with a guy who will be a safe person for not only you, but future children.Secondly, it’s for those who are in a relationship now and are looking for some clarity on whether to move forward.

Patience: There is safety with a person who doesn’t give every single inconvenience, delay or trouble the power to upset him or ruffle his feathers.

Most importantly, he honors your family by never speaking badly about them or instigating division.