Dating and pregnant episodes

In the middle of his wedding to Emily, Ross accidentally says Rachel's name instead of his future wife's — awkward.Eventually, their marriage crumbles because she can't handle his friendship with Rachel, and I'm so glad it did, or else we would never have gotten the beautiful scenes of Ross and Rachel drunkenly married in Vegas.They may not have been in a formal relationship that long, but they're always "together." They're always a couple, right?And this timeline of Ross and Rachel's relationship will prove it.From the pilot episode to the series finale, their relationship is a major plotline — even in the episodes where it feels like it isn't.

The shaman said there's someone who's very "intrinsic" to her, saying, "He's inside, looking at you."The rest of the user's thread also points out that Jenner was accused by lots of people online of getting a boob job (not that that would be a bad thing if she did, they're her boobs after all). And the internet thinks it might have figured out Travis Scott's reaction to Kylie Jenner's reported pregnancy based on things the pair posted on social media at the time. Although no one from the Kardashian/Jenner family has confirmed the rumors about Jenner's pregnancy, they also haven't denied it, so naturally, the internet is in a frenzy looking for hints the star is expecting a baby with Travis Scott.When Scott tweeted the "happiest day" of his life tweet, lots of people responded asking if he was happy because he broke up with Jenner. It might have been the literal exact opposite scenario.

Jenner came down with a case of altitude sickness while on a trip to Peru back in May (you know...

Oh, not much, just the news that KYLIE JENNER MIGHT BE PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST CHILD. I thought the deal was that no big things would happen if I took a couple of days off Twitter! Jenner and Scott started dating in April after she and Tyga broke up, and if you remember, that's around the same time she and Scott got matching butterfly tattoos.