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Govt of India brought out a well thought out Gurdwara Act for handing over of important historical Gurdwaras of Punjab to an elected body of Sikhs for which the Government of Punjab would incur all expenses for all times.During 1920, the Panth had shown exemplary unity when they had nominated by unanimous consent 170 members to constitute the Shrimoni Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee.Sikhi is not just another religion with its special rituals being: - Kirtan, Kirtan Darbars, reading of Guru Granth Sahib on 7 days or rapid continuous reading over 48 hours (Akhandpath), Katha or discourse on Gurbani and Langars being the other prominent attributes.We become thoughtful and are in a contemplative mood when the Raagis sing: "Meri Meri Kartey Janam Gaio" meaning that Man! This Shabad is usually sung at the Bhog Ceremony of a dear departed soul.It clearly meant that after him, the Daswandh, the compulsory levy instituted by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, was to be deposited in the Central Treasury of the Panth.The intellectuals did not apply their mind to this edict and this has been the sole cause of the chaotic condition of the Panth now.

Guru Nanak had commenced his task by singing his thoughts and addressing the people of South and South West Asia.Bhai Gurdas in his Vaars as well as Satta and Balwand in their Vaar, which is included in the Guru Granth Sahib, proclaimed that Guru Nanak just changed his body.Guru Nanak could have compiled the Gurbani Treasure in the form of a "Granth" or "Pothi" if his intention had been only to give a new method of "Bhakti" or constant remembrance of the Lord leading to personal salvation.uru Nanak had given all his Spiritual, Religious, Scientific, Political and Philosophical sermons to people professing different faiths and segments of society and those following various religious orders in his 965 Gurbani Shabads or compositions.

In addition he had collected 784 compositions of 15 Bhagats and Saints from all over the country and had given this treasure of his revealed Gurbani collection to Guru Angad Dev Ji when he installed him as the second Nanak.

This model of collective Panthic leadership has yet to be instituted. Second Phase of Khalsa 1708-1947 (239 years) Sustenance of the Khalsa Upto the time of Nawab Kapur Singh Panth had a single central treasury and one polity.