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There are also sweet fillings such as guava and cheese, chocolate, doce de leite, banana and cinnamon.

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They are a popular national snacks and a lucrative export product believed to contain many health benefits.The African slaves had the basic bean stew, the Portuguese added the sausage (linguiça), and the native Indians added the farofa (toasted manioc flour). They are usually eaten with a protein (meat or eggs), salads, farofa (a toasted flour of manioc or corn).This heavy combination of ingredients would give the workers the energy they needed to work all day in the plantations and cattle ranches. At breakfast it is common to eat tropical fruits, like papaya, and local cakes, tapioca, couscous, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, bread and butter or jam, coffee, juices or tea. The afternoon snack (merenda or lanchinho) is a small meal between lunch and dinner, and it could consist of coffee, tea or chimarrão, which is a traditional infusion of the South, accompanied by cookies, typical cakes or bread.Brazil, the largest and the only Portuguese speaking country in South America, has a wonderful variety of traditional foods.

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