Dating different social classes

It's kind of sad to think that in 2016, social classes still matter.

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When an acquaintance made a sneering comment about it, it sailed right over my head.‘I could never take him to dinner parties because he holds his fork like a pencil.’ And even though she is now unhappily married to an Old Harrovian banker, she still doesn’t regret her decision. ‘It’s nothing personal,’ he explained, ‘but Julia would rather shoot herself than be stuck in a caravan on the Isle of Sheppey for the weekend.’ At times like that I am racked with guilt, and fear they must think me dreadfully pampered.Al likes to eat very early — at about 6pm, in front of Egg Heads on the telly. ’ he replied hopelessly, as plaster crashed about our feet. My idea of heaven is an early night and a good book, but I was attracted by his hard-drinking, hard-living lifestyle.

As you can imagine, socialising together was — and still is — a challenge.

I remember the fanfare with which Joan Collins’s daughter began a love affair with a roofer; but that soon fizzled out.