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Consider this statistic: the pornography industry has revenues larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined. Pornography is what it is; I am not a member of the Morality Police, and I hold no religious, or political views, on the availability of pornography on the Internet; except of course, pornography which is clearly illegal, or morally reprehensible.

Requiring the installation of a plug-in or codec to view movies – a favorite method of malware insertion.These site ratings are based on tests conducted by Mc Afee using an army of computers that look for all kinds of threats.Finjan Secure Browsing Finjan Secure Browsing searches major websites as well as search results for malicious content hiding behind links.Trend Protect Trend Protect is a free browser plug-in that helps you avoid Web pages with unwanted content and hidden threats.

Trend Protect rates the current page and pages listed in Google, MSN, and Yahoo search results.

The following are browser security add-ons that are noted for their effectiveness, although it is important to recognize cyber-criminals are crafty, and there is no one perfect solution. Web of Trust (WOT) WOT is a free Internet Browser add-on (my personal favorite), that has established an impressive and well deserved reputation.