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It even helped Seven to sing with more emotion during performances.He also mentioned that he was thankful to have a chance to work with the drama crew and take his career to a new level by acting.Seven has also revealed that he will be releasing a digital single called 'Angel' in November 2011, and would release a full Japanese album alongside a Korean album in January 2012.Seven released his 2nd mini-album on February 1, 2012 with title track "When I Can't Sing." The track was produced by JYP and written by JYP, making it the first ever official collaboration between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.Seven began training under the management agency YG Entertainment at the age of fifteen.After four years of training in singing and dancing, he made his debut in 2003 with "Come Back To Me".On October 14, he released the mini-album I Am Seven (stylized I Am Se7en), his first album in over four years, along with the title track, "Give It to Me", and its music video.Seven accepted the lead role for the Korean drama Goong S, a spinoff of the drama Goong.

His voice can be described as smooth, mellow, and sometimes mildly abrasive (see vocal belting) when songs, such as "Crazy," "La La La," "Hikari" and "I Know," call for it.

Seven has recently revealed, by means of 2NE1's Nolza Japan Concert, that he is planning a comeback in Japan after his four-year hiatus since 2007.