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The music is wonderfully simpatico, all hushed acoustic guitar, aching harmonica and lowering cellos.GT Despite an intro – “A few questions that I need to know…” – that induces exasperation in lovers of the English language, Never Ever is one of the best girl-group songs of its time.Rejection is a popular subject of songs, probably because musicians — like the rest of us — struggle to deal with it and use their music as an outlet.

Obtuse lyrics about wombs, mothers and maroon love lead the listener towards images of birth.Full of private details, buried clues and bittersweet memories dragged to the surface – “Your eyes were bluer than robin’s eggs/ My poetry was lousy, you said,” – the sly, tugging folk melody underpins the dangers of remembering too well.GT Listen on Spotify Lennon’s lyric on this sensitive classic is effective if viewed as a male lover’s despair at his girlfriend’s departure.In the wake of rejection, it's important to do whatever it takes (within reason) to feel better — and to recite all the positive mantras you can.

One thing that provides an escape and words of encouragement for me is music.

Originally written by Harry and Chris Stein in 1975 and demoed as Once I Had a Love in a reggae style, it was producer Mike Chapman’s idea to give it a dancefloor respray.

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