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Turns out she didn't have a boyfriend but was just tired of being picked up by losers while she was trying to do a workout. I'm going to talk more about eye contact and body language in a moment, but if you'd like to get the ultimate education on how to be Cocky & Funny, then you MUST take a minute and get this: OK... First of all, your story would make NO sense at all to most guys. She was probably abused as a child and wants you to be her daddy." or "Well, if I worked at a gym, I could do that too." Of course, you realize that this had nothing to do with it...this was a result of you learning about how women are, then preparing, and then taking action. Now, let's talk about some of the things that were happening that most people would MISS when reading the story...You realize that it's not typical for a woman to approach a man, apologize, and then ask for his number. She apologized, then told you that she's tired of being picked up by losers... This was, in effect, her telling you that she sees you DIFFERENTLY.Women will often ask a man for his number just to get rid of him. All because of your eye contact, followed by a perfect execution of the Cocky and Funny attitude, followed by an excellent physical demonstration of indifference.I did as your book recommended and started picturing myself as the cocky funny person I wanted to be.I even did the whole daydream practice thing everyday.I decided that before I started trying to approach women I would make it my goal for a couple of weeks to just make eye contact and hold it until they looked away. After practicing eye contact for a couple of weeks and doing the whole mental exercise thing, I was at work one day working out after my break and was practicing my eye contact thing between sets with this really hot girl near the dumbbell rack.

My biggest weakness is that I look away quickly after eye contact is made.Well, I had to go over to get a set of dumbbells for my next exercise and as I got close to where she was she suddenly turned around and said "I have a boyfriend" and turned around.Normally I would have kinda stood there in shock and said nothing but, I guess all that mental practice paid off.Comfortable, but too cautious for many younger investors especially.

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