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The idea is that visitors to your website, if they find your offer compelling enough, will opt in to your mailing list.Sometimes the offer may be an email newsletter with helpful information about a specific topic (in my case, a blog traffic newsletter), or a free report or 7 day e-course, mini e-book or downloadable audio.The methods used to send traffic to a namesqueeze page must ensure that readers are interested in the topic.Pay per click advertising is the most common method used to send traffic to namesqueeze pages because you can tightly align the message with keywords. I visited some other namesqueeze pages and asked for feedback from some Internet marketing friends but that’s all the outside assistance I required.

From the marketers point of view you gain the all important contact point and can continue to soft sell your products or services.With the launch of Blog Traffic King I finally had a reason to test the namesqueeze and so far, I’m impressed, it works really well.The namesqueeze is most often used to collect email addresses from prospective customers.Namesqueeze pages rely extensively on the power of words to sell.

Audio may be included to help the process but simply tells visitors to follow the written instructions and sign up.

Some low traffic keyword phrases have a 100% conversion rate.

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