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But all in all, Ecuadorians know how to have fun and show people a good time - yet at the same time be really chill.Ecuador is a land filled with rich cultural and historical attractions, all set within an astounding backdrop of natural wonders.You'll never ever meet an arrogant or conceited Ecuadorian.Some of are of indigenous background, others of European background, mostly Spaniard.The period between 19 was one of greater turbulence than Ecuador had ever known.Increasing involvement in the world market and in international politics meant that the country could no longer escape entanglements and the consequences of world ideological conflicts.The charming colonial houses in the center of the town are some of the best-preserved in the country complete with traditional balconies.

Of particular note is Casa de Sucre, the home of national hero José de Antonio, who battled for Latin American independence.The large Amazonian territories claimed by Ecuador had never been effectively controlled by the government; much of the area was occupied by indigenous groups.Dating back to the 16th century, Peruvians had increasingly settled along the Amazon and its tributaries.Subsequently, Ecuador repeatedly attempted to reopen the question, claiming that the Protocol of Rio did not establish precise borders and that the new borders were therefore invalid.

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