Error updating component kb i386

Answer: Yes, because the Solid Works installation or upgrade needs to update system DLLs and drivers, which require administrative privileges.Note that you are only required to have administrative privileges on the machine on which you are installing or upgrading Solid Works.(When a new version is released, subscription customers should receive a new CD automatically).When updating from one major release to another, you may notice an "update existing installation" option during the install.Answer: A WI error codes reference can be found on the Microsoft website.

Back to Top Question: Do I need to have administrative privileges to install Solid Works or upgrade to the latest Service Pack? Windows Version: XP Home Verson 5.1 (Build 2600080413-2111: sp2) svcpack.log: 7.844: ================================================================================ 7.860: 2010/02/13 .156 (local) 7.860: c:\4df6857965efc0d4f35262fa54fe\i386\update\(version 7.969: Service Pack started with following command line: 8.016: In Function Get Release Set, line 1240, Reg Query Value Ex failed with error 0x2 8.360: Create User Interface: Define Install Custom UI returned 0x0 8.610: Return Value From On ACPower = 1 8.610: On ACPower returned value( 0x1 ) which is Equal To 0x1 8.610: Condition succeeded for section On ACPower. Common returned FALSE 99.875: Windows Media Player is Present 99.875: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Setup\Windows Features\Windows Media Player is Not Equal To Specified Value 99.875: Second Condition in Non. because the XP sp3 failed to intall when it is updating registry keys and based on everything I have tried it seems to always point back to this. For additional references and resources see the following: - SOLIDWORKS Help (See SOLIDWORKS Installation section) - SOLIDWORKS Administration Guides - SOLIDWORKS Forums: Installation - SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base: Installation Solutions FAQs for Installation Question: What are the common Solid Works related Windows Installer (WI) error codes?

Answer: The following are common Solid Works WI error codes.

Answer: During an upgrade, you may need additional file to verify the installed files, to repair those files that are corrupt, to replace files that have been accidentally deleted, and to reinstall system components that have been erroneously modified by other applications.