Ex boyfriend on dating sites still contacting me

Both here on and I’ve actually experienced it in my own life too. How were you treated when your ex said it was over, or at the time you ended it? (PS: It’s called a “Second Chance” not a chance.)Sometimes they’re coming back because they can’t bear the thought of you moving on with your life without them. They realise they care about you, or love and want to be with you.It’s almost like they have 6th sense, and decide just then to make contact again, and throw some confusion into your healing process…! They spend hours talking to their family and friends. Quite simply they try to find meaning where often there is none. God forbid you actually have another relationship with someone who is not them. If it’s the last one and you’re considering re-igniting the flame, do proceed with caution.

Why did men get to start over with younger women and dodge the biological clock?(To him, saying "I love you" was akin to saying "Let's get married.") Suddenly, there was no more talk about having found "a great partner." Instead, it was all about clocking more hours at his company."I want a family," I told him shortly after he'd met my entire extended family at Chinese New Year—our biggest, most-family-oriented holiday of the year."I need to know we have a future together." While he didn't agree, he didn't exactly disagree, either.But the thing that needled me the most: She'd gotten my rather stuffy banker turned CFO ex to sign up for our local food co-op, where members logged in monthly work hours ringing up groceries and stacking organic eggs. He was a child of divorce like I was but also wanted to get married and have a family.