Examples of intimidating body language

For example, if a person is not moving, then words and tone take far greater proportion.Try the difference between listening to someone with your eyes closed and listening/watching with your eyes open.In the same way that when you want to leave or avoid someone, your body tells me how you feel.Your intentions are communicated by your body language also. Some people are very sensitive to their body space and so when you get too close or sit too close they feel uncomfortable.When you roll your eyes at me or turn your back and walk away, it says, just as if you had shouted it, that you don’t care and don’t respect me. You can use body language to let others know that you like them and care for them, without ever having to say a word.Just like when you hug me or hold my hand, I can tell you love me without having to say it. When you want something, desire something, or seek something, your body speaks this very clearly.

Additional information and training programs are available at Haim Ginott's classic work teaching parents how to effectively communicate (verbally and nonverbally) with their children: I want to thank those who posted earlier about the work of Gottman and Ginott as well as the Child Wtching book. Usually when I write I try not to be influenced by others but these definately require some study on my part, especially if I am going to write a book on the subject.It is much easier to understand when you are watching them. Watch for changes in response to your communications.Also spot mixed messages for when the voice says one thing body says another—this can be a sign of attempted deception.Here are 10 things you can teach your child to help them develop social and interpersonal intelligence that will help them throughout their lives: 1.

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