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Cincinnati Art Museum is the fourth and final stop for the Tom Wesselmann retrospective "Beyond Pop Art."Wesselmann left his hometown of Cincinnati in 1956 to study art in New York and worked nearly nonstop across six different decades before he died in 2004.Next, you journey through the cloud forests - nature's water towers - and see colorful frogs and artifacts from rainforest peoples before you make your way to the nocturnal exhibit on the rainforest floor, where you'll meet a prehensile-tailed porcupine, an African palm civet and other creatures that only come out at night.Once on the rainforest floor, you'll first encounter plants and animals from the Asian rainforest, including the carnivorous pitcher plant, colorful orchids and fish, two Chinese alligators and even a crocodile monitor - a large lizard who sometimes scales the walls of its exhibit and appears to hang from the walkway above.The rainforests of Central and South America are next, filled with colorful macaws perched near the flowing waterfall and the majestic spotted ocelot.

This section also features interactive exhibits showcasing the smells of rainforest foods and spices as well as a display of everyday products derived from the rainforest.

Cincinnati Art Museum is the fourth and final stop for the Tom Wesselmann retrospective, "Beyond Pop Art." The exhibition tells a chronological story of exploration, experimentation and inventiveness of form within the artist's favorite subjects and themes.“Still Life #35” (1963).