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This chapter explains as much as the author knows about the antecedents of Alexander and Agnes Montgomery Mc Corkle; then proceeds to examine genealogy of their children. (defunct) pond toward the highway (the Newbern-Yorkville Highway, Highway 77), loosely in front of the little house (originally built in 1952 for my maiden aunt, Sarah Elisabeth BETH Huie. at Montgomery Bell State Park --John Edwin Mc Corkle Reunion.The writer's (Marsha Cope Huie 's) direct ancestor happens to be their son ROBERT Mc Corkle (born mid-1760s and died in the spring of 1828); but all of Robert's siblings are listed and, it is hoped, their children as well. My daddy always told me the victim of gun violence buried in the pond was a Yankee renegade scaveging along the road. & he was a contemporary of my great-uncle Errett Cotton Mc Corkle, 1887-1976, and I know they used to meet and visit when each was working in Chicago; they were first cousins-once-removed, as IV. Their two daughters: Kathryn Huie, Vanderbilt graduate biologist, US Forest Service; Heather Huie Hatley, SMU grad living in Wisconsin; and son Jay Huie, Case Western Reserve U engineering graduate. We do not know whether Finis himself is buried there with his first wife, or in the Mc Corkle Cemetery in Dyer County (west of Yorkville and east of Newbern), received a U. patent on a certain improvements on looms for weaving. I do wonder, though, if the Pennsylvania inventor was kin to our Zarecors. Four months later, in December 2009, I don't feel the desperate need to sleep. It's beyond cavil, from Margaret's own letters transcribed herein, that she was born in August of 1770. "Mollie" Mary was born in Nelson Co., Kentucky (in Botland near Bardstown) to John Cotton (died 1852, Botland, Nelson Co., KY) & Juliet TONG Cotton (Juliet was interred while visiting her daughter in Tennessee in the Mc Corkle Cemetery, Dyer Co., Tenn.).), who is interred at Mt., just north of Newbern, Tennessee, in contiguous OBION County. "Becky" Rebecca Mc Corkle) was already living in Dyer-Gibson County, Tennessee). Ellie comes to us through John Edwin Mc Corkle & 1st wife Tennessee Alice Scott, 1850-1879, by their daughter Ora, that is through "Dolph" Julius Adolphus Huie & This is a link to HAYNES information I found on the Web and did not write AT ALL. Two Morrison brothers, William Hays Morrison and Andrew Sloan Morrison, married two HAYNES sisters. For months before diagnosis--yes, I went to several doctors who did not test for Chronic Fatigue--I slept and slept yet still wanted to sleep even more. Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle apprised her daughter Elmira Sloan Mc Corkle Roache that Mary Cox had finally recovered from the ague.--Some COX people appear as do these Mc Corkles in the Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee, land records of the early 1800s. I think Sarah Huie Hall is buried in the CENTER CHURCH CEMETERY east of Newbern. Charles Caldwell), VII Bettie Jane being mother of one child Generation VIII David Walker Caldwell; and VI. It really wasn't until the next generation (mine; I was born in 1946) that the Tennessee farmers' children were able to get the kind of educations available to Elmira's children in Indiana; correspondingly it is my generation of Mc Corkle descendants who have prospered in time. Lemuel Locke Scott), was a granddaughter of Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle (Jane is interred 1850 in the Mc Corkle Cemetery as "Jane, consort of Benjamin Williams") about 4 miles east of Newbern, just north of the Newbern-Yorkville Highway) Jane Williams's sister was in an early letter just after settling in Dyer County, in the newly opened Western District of Tennessee. Her husband's will was transcribed by Natalie Huntley, manager of the Dyer County rootsweb website. Clint ATKINS), mother of VII Bettie Jane Atkins Caldwell (Mrs. But most of Margaret's and Edwin's children remained on the land in Dyer and Gibson Counties of West Tennessee. And times for the did not improve by much, if at all, for they might have been land-rich but were cash-poor.

Thomas Anderson of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn.); whereupon Robert returned to Rowan-Iredell County and claimed the hand of Margaret Morrison, whose Morrison land in what is now Iredell County adjoined some of the Mc Corkle lands. This would make sense (although I'm not sure about it) because William Scott (father of the first Mrs. Joe Huie's mother, Drucilla Garner Huie, was nέe Drucilla GARNER.

Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle after marriage in Rowan County, NC, to wife) removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee, where they lived at Bradley's Creek and Stone's River--and, it is thought, where some of Margaret's Morrison family members also lived at least temporarily, including her sisters Miss Rebecca Morrison and Mrs. John Edwin Mc Corkle: Tennie Scott) and William Scott's brother JOHN DICKEY / DICKIE SCOTT who m. Drucy's mother Dona HEADDEN Garner and my mother Joyce Cope Huie's mother, Notie HEADDEN Cope, were first cousins.