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I put chocolate chips in them, that's why they were gross. I just forgot for a moment that my entire class hated me. This is what I deal with every time someone takes a picture of me. Her name is Dorothy Pitman Hughes, she is a feminist, an activist, and a lifelong friend of Gloria Steinem. And I was sitting alone at my desk, with an empty Ziplock bag, crumbs in my lap, and I was at this great party that I had waited for all week. And if I somehow ruined my classmates' good time, then that's on them. If I hadn't been told I was garbage, I wouldn't have learned how to show people I'm talented.I had zero friends from the fourth grade to the sixth grade. I really got so excited to bake that I had forgotten that everyone hated my guts. Sometimes when I'm being interviewed by a fashion reporter, I can see it in her eyes, "How is she getting away with this? Every day, I had to get up and go to school where everyone made fun of me, and I had to go home to where everyone made fun of me. I waited all week for this party that I wasn't invited to. And what I want trumps what 28 people want me to do, especially when what they want me to do is leave. And if everyone had always laughed at my jokes, I wouldn't have figured out how to be so funny.

Sometimes the subtitle "Three Strikes, You're Out" would be used on a date to indicate that the person has twice before appeared on the show with unsuccessful dates and is foreshadowed to be another unsuccessful date yet again.Every day was hard to get going, no matter which direction I went. In the morning on the way out to the world, I passed by a portrait of my aunt and Gloria together. And for some reason I got up, I sat on my desk, and I partied my ass off. And when Miss Lowe put on music, I was one of the first ones to get up and dance. If they hadn't told me I was ugly, I never would have searched for my beauty.Side by side they stood, one with long beautiful hair and one with the most beautiful, round, Afro hair I had ever seen, both with their fists held high in the air. I joined the limbo, and ate chips, and drank soda, and I enjoyed myself, even though no one wanted me there. And if they hadn't tried to break me down, I wouldn't know that I'm unbreakable.Two couples who met on the show did get married in real life, with both weddings featured in special episodes.

In season 1 of the show, the dates had specific themes such as "The Whole Ball of Wax" and "Hot and Cold".

The 5W person could either be male or female and would compete with the now-trio of the 3/2 gender split for the affections of the remaining 2 men/women.

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