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Updates can be distinguished by either the update title in the catalog, or by the name of the msu: If size of the update to the client device is a concern, we recommend using Delta update on the devices that have the previous month’s update, and Cumulative update on the devices that are falling behind.

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You can load it up with objects and coffee table books, use it as a nesting place for keys and mail in a big, chic bowl, or pull up chairs when you’re having friends over.Monthly Cumulative contains all the updates up to that update release, resulting in a large file that grows each month.Both Delta and Monthly updates are released on the second Tuesday of each month, also known as "Update Tuesday." The following table compares Delta and Cumulative updates: Delta and Cumulative have the same KB number, with the same classification, and release at the same time.If you do not currently have WSUS installed, but you need smaller update package sizes in the interim, you can use Monthly Delta update.

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