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I look her in the eye and point blank refuse to do it as the scene from 12 Years A Slave where Solomon is told to whip Patsy runs through my mind.

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They were secretly filming the reactions of passersby, the best to be edited into a three-minute montage.This type of imagery is not one I associate with sexiness but one that makes me think of my ancestors and what they must have gone through.A white lady hands me a whip and tells me to beat the black man standing next to me. There was nothing decent on the television, and I had already rented just about everything at the video store. As I chatted with friends and did a little research, a box appeared in the corner of my AOL screen: an instant message. i will crawl across broken glass for You…i will shave my head in tribute to You…i will carve Your initials on my scrotum… i am Yours to use and abuse. Ask any Domme you know - I'll bet they have received more than a few instant messages like the one above. Listen up, because what I am going to say will change your life…hopefully your tactics! A man who is confident, intelligent, caring, patient, has a good sense of humor, appreciates his partner, and realizes that a Domme/sub relationship is a 50/50 prospect. Deep down, most relationships - straight, gay, BDSM - are emotionally and socially pretty much the same. Intelligence BDSM partnerships aren't all play, play, play!