Insecurity in dating relationship

that comes from within you and trying to extinguish it through an external source such as your partner’s validation only creates a dangerous cycle in which you are constantly relying on your partner for emotional stability and security.That means you will never be willing to let go and you resort to more desperate measures in order to retain that validation.

This is closely related to the first point above about going into a relationship as a discrete being and staying whole in the relationship with all your perfections and imperfections.Jealousy is definitely involved however, but it is so much more.Questions in an insecure mind will include (but are not limited to); Basically, any thoughts that question a relationship are signs of insecurity.Common acts by an insecure person include jealous and possessiveness.

While these can act as an outlet for your own insecurity, they will end up hurting your partner and making them feel miserable and uncomfortable in the relationship.

If you are going to beat your insecurity, you need to build a secure and independent identity that is separate from your partner.

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    In relationships, insecurity often goes hand in hand with. Insecurity in a relationship is more than just. If you have been dating or been married for.…