Kat von dorn dating jesse

The judge agrees on the condition Arthur doesn’t don his Defendor gear again.A reporter approaches Paul and convinces him to let her run a story about Arthur as Defendor, and he agrees.Arthur is arrested for assaulting Dooney, but Fairbanks (Clark Johnson), the police captain in charge, connects with Arthur because their grandfathers both served in World War I.After Arthur is released, he takes his trench club and disappears.She steps in and beats up the bully to help the victim, a boy she likes.But instead of being grateful, he feels humiliated at being rescued “by a girl,” and gets angry at her.

That night, Arthur ventures out to spy on “Captain Industry” and Dooney, but he reveals himself. Paul gets Kat to take him to Arthur, and they call paramedics.A memorial service is held for Defendor under a spray paint mural that was drawn in his honor, which is attended by Park and her daughter.The film ends with Kat sitting at her typewriter, writing stories about Arthur for a newspaper.People are inspired by Defendor’s attempts to save lives and fight crime.