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The Vikings have some guys they need to re-sign, but they should have more than enough money to make a competitive offer on Cousins.This team would be the runaway favorite in the NFC with Cousins, and they're the best team that might want to sign him. Probably because Minnesota has three pending free agents at quarterback.While a lot of people are expecting Kirk to pick the Jets, Browns or Broncos, there's another destination that is arguably the perfect fit.The Minnesota Vikings have money, a need, and the talent to entice Kirk to come play for them, and they're rumored to be his top choice if the money is in the same range.

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They were on a plane together when he “passed out." He was treated with a shot of Narcan.

According to some rumblings, Cousins has said to people around him that the Vikings would be the runaway favorite to sign him if the offers are close.