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PICARD Experts and fans debate who’s best." Inside this features, one long article and five sidebars of varying sizes. Picard" is the headline of the main sidebar (technically, now the cover story), written by Rick Marin. Now the major coverline, this says it all, ballyhoos: "IT’S KIRK VS. Here are a few common examples: "Let’s just be friends." "We need it tomorrow." "I’d like to see other people." "Yes, you do look fat in that." As soon as you say (or hear) words like those, you might prefer having zipped your mouth and/or boxed your ears instead. I immediately knew that this perfect quote from Stephen King, Denise Crosby or John Lasseter was THE ONE to begin or end my yet-to-be-written article. I’ve discussed this "lightning strikes with a quote" phenomena in shop talks with pals. Fanboys (of the cowboy kind), sipping sarsparilla and fingering dime novels, might likewise set heroes of that era against each other. Buffalo Bill Cody Presents Annie Oakley Jesse James Meets Frankenstein (they made a 1966 movie about it). Comic book geeks of the 1960s and ’70s, like me, repeatedly pondered such colorful combos of superheroes. Batman (film version coming up, always bet on bat)! Nick Fury (with dynamic action in illustrated by my future employer, comics artist Jim Steranko)! the Thing (i.e., the Fantastic Four’s orange rocky guy, not the Thing from Another World)! Buck Rogers (a busy day for Buster Crabbe), Kirk vs. Most readers can now easily get informative listings on their own TV screens (as well as from the Internet and elsewhere). Instantly, you recognize that this line is gonna cause grief, perhaps haunt you to the End of Days. When I’ve been the guy doing the questioning, this species of sizzling statement has just leapt out of the ether and grabbed me during the interview. I can’t testify to any inside info as to how ’s 25th, but the "Kirk vs. Coverlines promised several appropriate features inside, but the cover itself was a painting by Kinuko Y. What had begun (I theorize) as an anniversary tie-in had apparently evolved into more of a "concept cover" with its own special "hook" to excite reader interest and prompt point-of-purchase sale.While a lot of people are expecting Kirk to pick the Jets, Browns or Broncos, there's another destination that is arguably the perfect fit.The Minnesota Vikings have money, a need, and the talent to entice Kirk to come play for them, and they're rumored to be his top choice if the money is in the same range.

Minnesota has $56 million in cap space, and can make it close to $70 million if they make some cuts.The documents revealed that Prince and Judith communicated “via landline phone or email.” As for his secret alias, the papers said, “Judith confirmed that Prince would use the name 'Peter Bravestrong' when he would travel…This is the same name found on the tag from the suitcase located in Prince’s bedroom and the email account found on Prince’s laptop computer. "Kirk’s first thought is to break out the phasers," I declared to millions of readers there in TV Guide. " I didn’t hesitate, blurting out that there would be absolutely no contest in such a climactic confrontation on the final frontier.

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