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The third chapter is about their first encounter and a little bit of what happens to them after the ending of Lovely Complex.*Contains a side story called Hoshi ni Natte mo Aishiteru (Even When I Become A Star, I'll Still Love You) in vol 12: Reina wakes up surprisingly in her boyfriend's room.But it seems that she passed away three days ago...Lovely Complex (or just Love Com) is honestly one of the best shoujo manga reads you will probably ever have in your lifetime.I actually can't begin to explain how this thing grows on you in such a short time.Moreover, after realizing her feelings for Otani, Risa started to cry a lot, which I didn't like.I pictured her as a tall and cool girl yet my hopes were shattered. But it's just that he was extremely childish and mean sometimes and I couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards Risa.

The first two chapters are about before Koizumi Risa and Otani Atsushi met each other.If you are looking for a manga where the couple are always bickering and turn the most serious situations into funny ones, you are at the right place.Since most of the comments are positive, I think the manga is fulfilling for a lot of readers. And it was nice that their love was based on the fact that they get along well and have fun together. Actually risa is a common girl which hope that she can get love she wants.Their giant/dwarf act did grow tiresome as the manga progressed.

But these complaints are not serious ones-- there's nothing offensive to either the readers' intelligence or the audience's sensitivity here. Overall, Love Com is a series I'll definitely reread for the comedy.

It took him two volumes to admit that he likes her.