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The MIK guitars usually have a different Nashville style bridge instead of the usual ABR-1 bridge.Furthermore, MIK Gibson replica guitars usually have a neck made from maple, and the body wood is usually made from either alder, agathis or nato.This guitar was fitted with lipstick pickups and can be seen on the cover of his second studio album Couldn't Stand the Weather (this was actually a guitar built by Charley Wirz in Dallas, not a Tokai).By the late 1970s, replicas of Fender guitars, such as the ".38 Special" guitar and the "Hard Puncher" bass (replica of the Fender Precision Bass), began to be sold in Japan and Europe.By 1980, the name was changed to "Reborn Old" and later to its current name, "Love Rock".The name change was in response to threats from American guitar companies to go to court to protect their copyrights.In 1974, Tokai launched its own Cat's Eyes line of acoustic guitars which were replicas of C. These models are generically known as "lawsuit guitars".

The original selling price in Japanese yen is often included in the model number—for example TLS-100 = 100,000 Japanese yen.

Tokai began in 1947, as a harmonica and piano manufacturer.

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