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Tokai also made Fender replicas, the “Springy Sound” (ST series, Fender Stratocaster replica) and the “Breezy Sound” (TE series, Fender Telecaster replica).Stevie Ray Vaughan played a "Tokai Springy Sound" at one time.

Tokai is one of Japan’s leading makers of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, autoharps, melodicas and guitar amplifiers. Tokai was founded in 1947 by Tadayouki Adachi and remains family-owned.From 1970 to 1973, Tokai produced Conn acoustic guitars under contract with C. Conn (History of Conn Guitars and Conn Acoustic Guitars).In 1972, Tokai entered into a joint-venture with C. Martin & Company to supply acoustic guitar parts and also to build Martin's Sigma electric guitar line. Between 19, Tokai began making various Fender and Gibson replica electric guitars and basses.Tokai uses a seven-digit serial number usually pressed into the back of the headstock for the Gibson model replicas.

Love Rocks use the first digit of the serial number for the year, 10XXXXX=1981 and starting in 1989 Love Rocks use the first two digits for the year, 89XXXXX=1989.

In 1983, Tokai introduced an aluminum-body guitar called the Talbo (Tokai Aluminum Body) which the band Devo played at one time.

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