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Profiles are often far too brief and the quality of photos is low.Yes, it is a free resource, but it’s not a great one. Radio is a source of information for most Ghanaians.carrying your radio along to work or wherever you are going to is quite boring.The website, more generally, is quite bare and it’s not always clear where you should navigate to, or what you should click, to achieve your goals.

I have devised some strategies to personally go about it.Ghana is a big old place with plenty going on, so finding the perfect relationship isn’t always simple.Ghana Web is a site with several subsections, from education to politics to dating.In the same way, you may not be able to figure out what interests viewers of a TV program; but you can easily know for a website.

This shows how powerful and easy online business is.

When he clicks on five links on the same website, it is recorded as five total views but same one visit.

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