Msn money stock quotes not updating

But, Microsoft says that the add-in has "expired" and there won't be any more updates of the add-in.The add-in used a data source that appears to be inactive now.GOOG new syntax: =MSNStock Quote($A2,”Last”,”USD”) It appears that they made an arbitrary syntactical change without notifying users or maintaining backward compatibility. Had MS not messed us up here, I wouldn’t have thought of that. Google Docs saved my ass, but I am one of those that has to have Excel, so several of you contributed to curing my plight, which was severe. My story is basically that I am a former asset manager but I am still managing my and family money (naturally for free), and have developed spreadsheets over the years to keep track of portfolios on a real time basis and analyze investment alternatives.They calculate just about everything I need including portfolio standard deviations.All the worksheets in a spreadsheet are intricately tied together and when MSN Stock Quotes died, I was desperate.

Technitya does the same thing but the refresh does not appear to be as frequent. I use a lot of color coding, conditional formats, etc., and sometimes Google Docs just says, “No.” The other thing that Stock Quotes in Excel add-in did is that it greatly expanded my ability to analyze investments.

I emailed Manish to ask if he knew if MSN was going to fix the problem since I wasn’t able to find anything about it through the searching I did.