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The Race by Hobson Street Theatre Company is investigating the effects of racism on homelessness, direct from those who experience it themselves.

The aforementioned It’s A Trial takes a panel of expert witnesses and places an issue on trial which is so current we don’t know what it is yet.Mackenzie’s Daughters features some of New Zealand’s best improvisers and telly talent: Alice Snedden, Kura Forrester and Donna Brookbanks to name a few.Charmian Hughes is back after a successful 2017 Auckland Fringe with Bra Trek; after a sold-out season at the NZ International Comedy Festival Louise Bevnik is bringing back Ladylike: A Guide to Modern Etiquette; and Maria Williamsand Angela Fouhy will be sharing girl guide stories in Smore Sisters.Westies won't have to venture far - New Lynn's Te Pou Theatre will play host to Krādati and MANIAC (on the dance floor).

The most iconic (Christian) family dinner is being served up at Auckland’s most loved (Jewish) diner Federal Delicatessen in The Last Supper.

Watching Paint Dry tests our ability to do nothing for a sustained period of time (leave your phone on for this one), while a multimedia celebration of women's bodies, deconstructing shame and silence is revealed in Please Explain Sacred.