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- Click on the link under the File Format property description.You will see a screen that lists all the variable/constant names used for this parameter.And this article will show you some tricky things about how to select every other row or column first and then delete them quickly.

Then click OK, every other row in the selected range from the second row is deleted at once, see screenshot: Select Interval Rows & columns…. In Select Interval Rows & Columns dialog box, specify the settings as following screenshot shown, and click OK button to select every other rows first. Then every other row in the selection is selected and highlighted. Then you can quickly delete the selected every other rows by clicking the Home another way is to add a new column in front of your data, so column A is blank, then just enter a b a b a b as you go down the rows in column A - so "a" in A1, "b" in A2, "a" in A3, "b" in A4.

s=CEL ---- Some Excel tricks: 1) To speed up the excel generation, you can disable the screen updating with the following: ch Excel Application: Screen Updating = False.

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