Origin of life from apatite dating

C-depleted signature from apatites in the Akilia BIF (quartz magnetite pyroxene ± garnet), was reported as strong evidence for oldest life. Specifically, this signature was attributed to reduced C inclusions (now graphite), regarded as protected in the apatite crystals since deposition/diagenesis (Mojzsis, S.

“Our group actually sells origins-of-life jewelry,” he quipped.“The minerals that create the borate and the alkali and the phosphate are minerals like tourmaline and apatite and peridot.” Hopefully the jewelry was intelligently designed. We ask you to leave the dark side and come to the light. You know all the problems you listed are old problems your peers have complained about for decades.You stated almost ten years ago that the problems are so daunting, they almost make one want to become a creationist (11/04/2004). That will undoubtedly happen, but what’s more important, the truth or your feelings? There’s nothing in science or philosophy that requires a scientist to bang one’s head endlessly against the brick wall of naturalism.Benner was quite transparent about four hurdles he called “paradoxes” that still challenge theories for getting from chemicals to a Darwinian replicator.

He transparently admitted failure in all four of them: We have failed in any continuous way to provide a recipe that gets from the simple molecules that we know were present on early Earth to RNA.

Furthermore, although Isua and Akilia BIF have similar whole rock REE patterns, compared with Isua BIF apatites the REE patterns for Akilia apatites show depletion of the heavy versus light REE.