Platonic dating site

Though there was nothing romantic, he was clicking with these women as friends.“I thought, ‘wait, there’s nothing out there that allows for connecting people platonically using the same science as romantic dating sites,’” she says.You can search lists for events and tips on baseball, football, running, and a host more.And, you can connect with others (either on forums or at the event itself).

We may be single, but we're not desperate enough -- -- to pay a monthly fee to end our Single Lady Syndrome.The site offers users an “ice-breaker” email to help people get over their shyness and the site is also planning group events to make that first meeting less awkward.Currently, the site’s default is same-gender matching (if you want to meet both men and women, you can make that part of your preferences), and it’s GTA-centric, but Geimer hopes to expand across Canada and beyond.If you're required to post a profile, take your time with writing your profile so you get across the most important information about yourself and be honest.

This is the best way to connect with new friends online.

While these sites can connect you to potential friends, it's still up to you to build an offline friendship.