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Although the series gathered consistent viewing figures, figures declined heavily following the appointment of Dreyfus, whose casting was deemed as "Doctor Who-esque" by Broadcast Magazine, Across six series, fifty-one episodes were broadcast.The series was written by a team of writers, a trait that is typical of most American sitcoms.Three of the six series have been released on DVD; two on Region 1 DVD and one on Region 2.

Other powers include flight, superspeed, X-ray vision, resurrection of the dead, time travel and an ability to smell natural disasters and crimes taking place anywhere in the world.As well as all of these powers, Thermoman on multiple occasions, orders additional trial powers from the magazine Superhero Monthly.Other psychic powers include picking lottery numbers before seeing them on television via a series of quick mental calculations he can carry out automatically - although he is forbidden by Ultronian law to use this information.In an attempt to do his best to fit in with life on earth, he creates the human alias of George Sunday.

However, due to his unfamiliarity with human life, his antics usually lead to many misunderstandings.

Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce) is a nurse at the Northolt Health Centre.