Podcasts not updating itunes

In those cases, contact i Tunes support directly at [email protected] Yes, you can also refresh your show in Podcasts Connect if you are so inclined.Provide them with: Let them know your feed is valid, your artwork is amazing, and your show won’t update in the store. With that said, make sure you do not touch (see details on Podcasts Connect for the hows and whys). So after almost a year of having problems with my podcast's artwork and SC being unable to help, I finally figured it out by myself (thanks for nothing SC).1) Try this first (DIDN'T WORK FOR ME)but you might want to: https://soundcloudcommunity.com/podcasting-230062/i-cannot-get-my-podcast-artworkimage-to-change-on-the-itunes-search-page-6653478 2) Then you might try doing what Soundcloud suggested this via their "support" email but i had already done all of that and it DIDN'T WORK FOR ME: a.

If that code is incorrect, the feed can’t work properly.Check and enable an episode for podcasting: head to the track's edit page (pencil icon under the waveform) and select the permissions tab. 2) Go to https://podcastsconnect.and sign-in 3) Click on your podcast and you'll see "URL".Click on the option that says 'Include in RSS feed' b. This "sort of" contains your RSS but in a weird, abbreviated way.The overhaul is part of a recent focus on podcasts on the part of Apple.

Recently the company acquired Swell, a podcast recommender system that compiles different podcasts into personalized streams, for $30 million.

I'm quite certain this is the most common i Tunes issue podcasters complain about.