Puck dating fat chick

She's consistently fake, frequently annoying and quite possibly the most evil being in the galaxy, but her cleavage almost makes up for all that!Comics: 39Recent Appearance: Puck 373First Appearance: Puck 119The infernal Lord of Darkness always sets his evil sights high.The Hotdog Guy has long served as Puck's somewhat reluctant therapist.Hey, his advice may be bad, but the hotdogs are now free!

Thus, she is forever financially and emotionally tied to Puck’s bizarre family.Comics: 97Recent Appearance: Puck 418First Appearance: Puck 199Tyler has long been Daphne's best friend.And though he's a boy, and a friend, he's not a boyfriend, right? Though saddled with the name 'Taylor' at birth, Tyler shed that moniker after losing all legal rights to the name during the white chicks' hostile Taylor name takeover of '05.Comics: 11Recent Appearance: Puck 397First Appearance: Puck 68The mysterious Papa Shnorf is just some dude in a frightening mascot costume, but he seems to channel the paternal Shnorf wisdom of the beloved original character. Comics: 8Recent Appearance: Puck 338First Appearance: Puck 296Colin’s mom is unimpressed by pretty much everything in life, which makes it really, really easy for her to feel superior.

She’s unimpressed with her son’s home, his occupation, and above all, his choice of mate.

Comics: 14Recent Appearance: Puck 269First Appearance: Puck 233Apparently the only doctor in a town with several major hospitals, this consummate medical professional seems to specialize in multiple disciplines, ranging from proctology to obstetrics.