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Earlier generations did not expect that life would be as frictionless as we try to make it.They took suffering as the inevitable lot of life; we more often see it as a fundamental injustice to be corrected.When people work most of the day, how do you prevent them from being drawn to others who work alongside them, share their interests, and know more about their lives than many a spouse?

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Be Ready for Change We think of ourselves as steady state, but studies show how much we change over the years, even in matters we thought enduring.Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund and herself a renowned analyst, tells of having seen a little girl wandering around London after the bombing killed her family, crying, “I am nobody’s nothing.” To be somebody’s something, securely and invariably, is what marriage promises, and what open marriage, for all its seductions, threatens to destroy.There is a beautiful scene in the Talmud when Rabbi Akiva has been away for years building his reputation and his academy.The , the Jewish marriage contract, is essentially a document ensuring the economic care of the woman, with none of the flowery romanticism usually found in the (mis)-translation.

But in the Jewish wedding ceremony, there is a beautiful phrase sung in the .

When Chekhov wrote, “If you wish to be lonely, marry,” he was giving ironic edge to a keen reality: The ability of another person to fulfill our needs is limited, and the human need for intimacy is limitless. Recently I conducted an extended discussion with a number of young singles and married couples, and one clear consensus was: This is not easy.