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At the age of 6 he started playing his first instrument accordion. Later he joined Woodbridge High team where he also played basketball.Basically, Richie’s away rocking in Europe with Ori while Nikki’s left running the business singlehandedly.”Nikki has done little to dispel the myths, taking to her personal Twitter account to publically slam Orianthi.“Kinda sick of @orianthi & her BAD hair extensions. He is very excited about his artistic collaboration with Ori, and is deeply committed to his musical career, fashion company and of course his family," she stated.Richie Sambora was born on July 11, 1959 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States. His first stage performance was on the stage was at a CYO (Catholic Youth Organization).“The incident is under investigation,” she told PEOPLE. The detective just got the case this morning.” The duo founded the Nikki Rich clothing line together and have been dating on-and-off for a decade, although the Lund source says they have been split for the past two years and seeing other people.The source says tensions between the couple have escalated this year.He gained huge popularity with the album, which led him to release his second album Undiscovered Soul which was released on date February 23, 1998.

Richie’s hit singles from different albums includes Ballad of Youth, Stranger in This Town, Undiscovered Soul; I'll Always Walk Beside You and Sugar Daddy.Richie Sambora, being a rock star he has a long list of dating history.In the past he has been in relationship and has also dated numerous beautiful girls. He was also rumored to be dating with German model Claudia Schiffer.The rep said their fashion line is losing money and the filing is an attempt to get more money from Sambora.

“She filed a cluster of lies 13 days later in retaliation for his no longer funding this unprofitable partnership,” said the rep..

I have millions of dollars and I can make people disappear – you are nothing,’ ” the source continued.

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