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The Emiquon wetlands generated much of the food eaten by the people who lived on or near this blufftop site.In 2009, an excavation by Michigan State University turned up sherds of pottery, arrowheads and the foundations of houses and other structures that date back to about 1300 CE.Instead of removing the bones, he only removed the dirt. He later replaced his tent with a building and set up a private museum.

Their skeletons were excavated and displayed to the public from the 1930s until 1992, when in a controversial move the burial display was resealed due to Native American concerns.It is a large burial complex containing at least two cemeteries, ten superimposed burial mounds, and a platform mound.The Dickson Mounds site was founded by 800 CE and was in use until after 1250 CE.The primary purpose of Graham Medical Group is to provide high-quality service to its patients. in Canton with satellite offices located in Cuba, Farmington and Lewistown.