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Typically, you will need to pay a fee and submit items such as your Social Security card, proof of date of birth, proof of U. or Canadian citizenship and proof residence in the issuing jurisdiction.

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A criminal check done by NEXUS will turn up any criminal activity regardless of whether you were found guilty.The new passports are issued for 10 year terms although there is a cheaper version available for only 5 years.The older non-chip passports will remain valid until their expiry date. This card lets you travel between by land or sea between the US, Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean, but it is not valid for travel by air or to any other international location.If you have been fingerprinted for a criminal charge your NEXUS application will most likely be rejected although there is an appeal process. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved travelers when you arrive in the United States. / Canadian commuters or others making frequent trips between the two countries.

To get a Nexus pass you can submit an online application at the Global Online Enrollment System (GEOS). This program differs from NEXUS in two ways: it applies to travelers from countries other than Canada, and it allows expedited entry into the U. only – it cannot be used for entry into Canada or any other country. Global Entry is good at many airports, and land and sea borders.

NEXUS members avoid wait times at border crossings by using dedicated lanes which are open at various hours of the day.