Symantec endpoint protection definitions not updating

Symantec releases program updates on an as-needed basis.Live Update locates and obtains files from a website, installs them, and then deletes the remaining files from your computer.Mac users can check for it in the Applications folder of their hard drive.Symantec Endpoint Protection is installed on University-owned machines by either Client Support or a departmental support technician.

Symantec produces the Sylink watcher and Sylink monitor tools for real-time troubleshooting of communication errors.Most Live Update errors can be resolved following basic troubleshooting steps.The Symantec knowledge base contains solutions to common Live Update error codes. If connection to either website fails, check Internet cables and settings.If the software is not running on your computer, please call your local technician or Client Support to have it installed.

Students, faculty, and staff may obtain Symantec Endpoint Protection for their personal computers at no extra charge by downloading the un-managed version from Softweb (

The LU1825 error code signifies the Symantec client has corrupt virus definitions, preventing Live Update from updating.