Taxes and the backdating of stock option exercise dates

You also may not send e Bucks between a Business e Bucks Account and a Personal e Bucks account or between two Business e Bucks Accounts, but you may send e Bucks from a Business e Bucks Account to a Personal e Bucks Account.You may also not purchase any goods and/or services by utilising e Bucks from Your Personal e Bucks Account and e Bucks from Your Business e Bucks Account as a combined payment for such goods and/or services.We cannot reverse or correct payments or transfers that You make to other e Bucks Accounts without the specific consent of the recipient e Bucks account holder.Please refer to TAX IMPLICATIONS for further formation concerning the tax implications of sending e Bucks.Our We invite you to contact our Contact Centre if You feel that we have not complied with the spirit or the letter of the law so that We can take corrective action if required.

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As it is new law difficulties concerning the interpretation and the application of the law will inevitably arise.For Members with Personal e Bucks Accounts, only the individual Member may use the Access Codes.For Business e Bucks Accounts, only the Primary Member and the Transactor may use their individually allocated Access Codes.An itemised breakdown of all Our fees is included in the fees and charges section elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

This includes a Dormancy Administration Penalty from Your e Bucks Account should You fail to earn or spend e Bucks on Your relevant e Bucks Account for a period of 6 (six) months, which amount is utilised to cover the costs of maintaining Your e Bucks Accounts on Our system.

You may also never have a negative balance in either of Your e Bucks Accounts, unless We debit Your e Bucks Account due to incorrect e Bucks allocated to Your e Bucks Account, We failed to deduct the required e Bucks from Your e Bucks Account, We incorrectly debited Your e Bucks Account for whatsoever reason or we debit Your e Bucks Acccount due to You making an unauthorised transaction on Your e Bucks Account and You do not have sufficient e Bucks in Your e Bucks Account.