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In the evening of May 19, 2017, Victim 1 called the FBI and stated that she received a call from her husband who said he would not be coming home that night, and was being threatened by Drago. Cohen; the Lancaster Police Department, under the direction of Chief Herald Gill; the Amherst Police Department, under the direction of Chief John Askey; the New York State Police, under the direction of Major Steven Nigrelli; the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, under the direction of Timothy Howard; and the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, under the direction of John Flynn.A special agent contacted Victim 2 by phone who stated, "everything is fine" and that what he and his wife previously told the FBI was "all a bunch of lies." Victim 2 terminated the call abruptly. that evening, law enforcement officers stopped Victim 2 and Drago’s vehicles, who at the time were traveling in separate vehicles. The fact that a defendant has been charged with a crime is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.Known for their determination, Capricorns set ambitious goals and achieve them.This can come across as being too no-nonsense for the taste of some other signs. You and Virgo can go bask in your workaholic nature.After talking with an employee in the parking lot, that employee went inside and ordered all patients in the building into the reception area, and all employees into the front office area.Drago then went inside and walked out with Victim 2 with his hand on Victim 2's neck.While being “intimidating” certainly has negative connotations, it can often be rooted in some of the most desirable traits. Does that mean you should stop being or doing any of those things? Like any other assessment of your personality, these “intimidating traits” are nothing to be scared or ashamed of.The parts of us that are the most apparent can both attract and ward off; such is the nature of defining personality traits.

Here is your most intimidating trait, according to your zodiac sign. If a Virgo is asked to do something, it’s going to get done well and by the end of the day.Aries is known for being a warrior and a conqueror.Aries’ competitiveness paired with their confidence can be intimidating to those who aren’t well-verse in Aries’ ways. announced today that Gary Drago, 56, of Amherst, NY, was arrested and charged by criminal complaint with intimidation of a witness, and making a threatening communication to extort money. During an interview in the morning on May 19, 2017, the victims told special agents that Drago has been extorting Victim 2, a physician, and his medical practice for approximately four years.

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    Sep 15, 2017. While being “intimidating” certainly has negative connotations, it can often be rooted in some of the most desirable traits. Self-assurance can intimidating. While being nice isn't necessarily some that scares people off initially, it can cause them to become a little skeptical. Pisces good-hearted nature may.…