The no nonsense rules of internet dating

There is just too much choice to waste time writing to someone unattractive (and the guys that you are interested in are the ones that have the confidence to move on, so all you are doing is trying to make sure those guys take a second look at you) 2 Don’t put up a photo of you making a face. But be careful that the photo doesn’t inadvertantly make you look like you’ve got bingo wings (see point 1) If in doubt, get a MALE friend to help you choose the best photos. If you are pretty, then guys will still write to you, but come on! Unless you are on the pill, you will want a real man.It looks funny to you and your friends, but to people who don’t know you, it makes you look like an idiot. And don’t question him when he rejects some, often you really won’t want him to be honest as to why. Write like you know what you want, write about something non date related, write about what you are passionate about (unless it’s cats. (If you are on the pill, its hormones are telling your body you are pregnant and need a man who is meek and mild, and when you come off the pill to have real babies with him, you won’t find him attractive.Just remember that you are the only one who has to sleep on your pillow at night and wake up with yourself and your choices in the morning.[image: via shutterstock] Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet?

There are lots of stories about Russian dating sites on the Internet, and many complaints.Get this right and you’ll get more interest of the kind that you want.Or keep doing what you are doing and getting the results you are getting.If they were here to help you establish a relationship, they would let you two talk directly, wouldn't they?

But if they don't allow you to do that, then this is what I consider "not acting in the clients' best interests".

This person cannot be your Mom—you know she’ll tell you that you’re better than the singers on The Voice and that you looked good in those pictures from college after you gained the freshman fifteen. I cannot count nor tell you how many times men have asked me for lingerie or bikini shots, but I can tell you they are the men I am looking to date.

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