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That way, perhaps they’ll drop the ridiculous motto “Nice guys finish last” and pick up “Nice guys, when they choose to remain nice, more times than not, finish best.”Nice guys are kind (by very definition of the word). And as you mature, you also realize that they are the ones who make dates and keep them. They tend to know just where they are taking you and it’s usually a place that is sweet and memorable.I remember my mother once saying to me, “Shellie, I just want you to marry a kind man. Nice guys are the ones who are gonna call when they say they will and are usually quite clear about their intentions.We only discussed it once and he went there for our fall break in October. ” Look, I’m going to let you in on something that might spare you further pain and disillusionment.

Click below to let us know you read this article, and wiki How will donate to Trek to Teach on your behalf.Interestingly enough, my late fiancé (he died back in 1995) was a nice guy; a nice guy that I took for granted in some ways.I remember him once asking me in August if I wanted him to bring me back something from his hometown (he lived in a big city) and I told him that I wanted a Mac lip pencil in Chestnut. When a man goes beyond merely hearing you to actually retaining what you have to say, that makes a woman feel appreciated and on some levels, even safe because she’s in the presence of someone who cares enough to care…about whatever it is she cares about. A down-comforter-on-a-winter’s-day-cozy-feeling kind of nice. And yes, I know that some of you nice guys who are reading this are probably thinking “Well, if we’re so awesome, why do so many women treat us like little brothers or even worse, like total crap?For all the talk about “The End of Men” and how gender roles have been obliterated and women can write to men first, blahblahblah, here’s what ACTUALLY happened after four months: • The women as a group received over 20 times more messages than the men.

• The two most attractive women received 83% of all messages.

The not-so-nice guys get the dates (or the one-night stands). So, the next time you’re tempted to stop being a nice guy, please keep all of this in mind. And all women, at one time or another, one way or another, eventually come to realize this very fact.

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