Updating arxiv papers

While many respondents took the time to suggest future enhancements or the finessing of current services, several users were strident in their opposition to any changes.Throughout all of the suggestions and regardless of the topic, commenters unanimously urged vigilance when approaching any changes and cautioned against turning ar Xiv into a “social media” style platform.

Furthermore, 72% of respondents indicated that ar Xiv should focus on its main purpose, which is to quickly make available scientific papers, and this will be enough to sustain the value of ar Xiv in the future.We were heartened to receive 36,000 responses, representing ar Xiv’s diverse community (See Appendix A).The prevailing message is that users are happy with the service as it currently stands.In regard to ar Xiv’s role in scientific publishing, some users encouraged the ar Xiv team to think boldly and further advance open access (and new forms of publishing) by adding features such as peer review and encouraging overlay journals.

On the other hand, many users strongly emphasized the importance of sticking to the main mission and not getting side-tracked into formal publishing.

The combination of multiple choice responses (see Appendix B) and the extensive and thoughtful open text comments pinpointed areas that need to be upgraded and enhanced.

Updating arxiv papers comments

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